copywriting service

Save your time by doing what you do well: Building relationships with clients and making deals.  Let us do for you what we do well:  Writing property descriptions for your marketing materials that drive buyers to your listings and make you look like the pro you are.   

How many times have you sat staring at a blank page wondering how to craft a compelling description for your new listing?  Or re-writing unclear sentences packed with the same old tired lines?   

Effective marketing copy can be a challenge to craft.  When it’s low quality, the copy can turn off prospective buyers and reflect poorly on realtors in the eyes of clients. 

On the other hand, using a professional to write persuasive copy increases sales and improves a realtor’s reputation in the community. 

Copy service includes:

  1. A 2 - 4 paragraph description capturing the unique details and lifestyle of your listing

  2. An organized, bulleted breakdown of property features and benefits

  3. Professional copy ready for web and print materials (approx. 250-500 words)

What the description is:

1.Organized, compelling content designed to generate buyer interest

2.A clear, grammatical marketing piece that best represents the property, seller, and realtor

3.Copy based on persuasive writing techniques, including punchy sentences, vivid imagery, and concrete language

What the description is not:

1.A Shakespearean-style fluff piece packed with overused adjectives

2.An unclear, acronym-filled ad suitable for Craigslist

3.Copy high in empty rhetoric and low in engagement 


Call or email for an appointment:


Serving San Francisco Bay Area



For property description based on notes and photos provided by realtor.


For property description based on trip to property.


$19 for 450-character MLS copy

$39 for 80 - 100 words of preview text

$75 per hour for realtor bio and web content

***Properties outside 30-mile radius of Oakland, CA = $50 per hour for travel time

Time Limits:

One hour for property visit, two hours for writing, one hour for revisions